Customer Service Tools

Customer service used to take along time. The service representative had to sift through paper records from several different departments, make numerous phone calls, and risk losing it everything in the office shuffle. CRM has changed all that. CRM customer service tools eliminate the paper, reduce the phone calls, and drastically reduce paper loss. At OpenBOX Technologies, we can provide you with customer service tools that will pay for themselves in saved time and money.

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Our customer service software package not only allows you to perform customer service quickly and smoothly, but it also reduces the number of service calls. Customers access the system through the self-service web portal. Here, they will find a built-in database filled with knowledge that can answer almost any standard question about your business. By saving your staff for more complicated queries, you can serve more people without overworking your customer service representatives or disappointing your customers.

Tasks Made Simpler with Customer Service Tools

Record keeping, tracking, and e-mail responses are all done automatically. Warranty and contract information, dates of purchase, RMAs, and other data are easy to find, process, and disseminate. Full integration with MS Outlook simplifies communications. Administrative tasks are easy to set up and carry out, and your own business rules can provide the processing template.

Access to our CRM customer service tools is available through either web hosting (in which you "rent" the software) or by purchase and installation. All applications are integrated and adaptable. You can learn more about our incredible range of products and order a free trial by contacting one of our customer support representatives today.

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