Customer Service Support

You want to give your clients the most efficient and effective customer service support possible. OpenBOX Technologies' Customer Service v9.0 offers both centralized tracking and management of the whole customer service process and integration with the entire OpenBOX Technologies system. Use of a ticketing method to mark and create a trail for every customer service request allows much of the process to be automated, including e-mail updates on progress and status changes. Yet you can "look in" on the process at any time, as well.

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Customize your customer service support records to reflect your business's work flow. Your software will be fully integrated with the steps that you use to process a customer service request. The ticket will keep track of the steps, as well as when and how they are accomplished, so that no request can "fall through the cracks."

OpenBOX Keeps Track of All Aspects of Customer Service Support

OpenBOX Technologies' Customer Service puts the entire history of every customer service transaction at your fingertips. It keeps track of warranties, work orders, shipping, and RMAs (Returned Material Authorizations). You may also designate different configurations of the system for different projects or groups, then combine the information into a single report.

You want your business to be known for its excellent customer service support. So does OpenBOX. That's why it provides practical features tailored to your business needs. Check out its online demonstrations or request a trial of its service and support hosted software. There's no doubt you'll find it so satisfactory that you'll want to add it to your company's customer service resources.

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