Customer Service Solutions

No business can gain the reputation it needs to succeed without excellent customer service. OpenBOX Technologies customer service solutions give you the tools to make your customer relations outstanding. Web self-service speeds the process along, while integrated, multi-channel communication through MS Outlook provides easy contact among customers, sales representatives, and internal employees. Customers, service representatives, or managers can access a complete knowledge database.

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Customer service solutions include a ticketing system. As soon as a request comes in, it is ticketed so that every step in the procedure can be noted and tracked. The sales/service rep or manager can find any part of an ongoing customer service issue at any time, and all those involved receive automatic notice of any change in its status.

Connect It Up: Integrating Customer Service Solutions

Administrative management, time/cost tracking, and other solutions can be seamlessly integrated to produce needed information in almost any combination or form. Examine any segment of the customer service workflow individually or merge them into a comprehensive whole to get the big picture. Find out the status of warranties and contracts. Connect with other CRM applications to organize all the information you need.

Choose web-hosted software that is accessible with a simple ID and password. OpenBOX will tailor its products and services to meet your business needs and budget. Its customer service solutions result in more productive employees and satisfied customers. Browse the website for more information, a demonstration, or a free trial.

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