Customer Service Software

Customer service can be the most important part of CRM. Keeping the customer satisfied means repeat business, and repeat business brings success and good reputation. OpenBOX Technologies' customer service software offers the best in automated service and satisfaction.

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The element that defines its customer service is the ticketing system. Specially created software is used to track the history of every customer service transaction, via an individual ticket number. At any point in the workflow, the service representative can see how the request has been handled so far and what more needs to be done. Automatic e-mail notification of status change informs the customer and the rep of any alteration in the progress of the request. The system can even track the amount of time and money spent on any one ticket to aid efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Other Ways to Use Customer Service Software

Customer service software can also be configured to send out batch e-mails that inform clients about new products and services. You can manage an entire information campaign using personalized mail merge from the optional Marketing Campaign Management (MCM) module. Use the OpenBOX Technologies software to plan, track, and analyze forms and reports and to support database applications. All the applications are fully integrated for data transfer, import, and export.

Customers can also use web-based knowledge to find the answers to questions and information that addresses individual concerns. To find out how the OpenBOX Technologies customer service package fits your business, browse the customer service and help desk options. When you're ready to get started, contact a customer service representative or order a free trial.

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