Customer Service Programs

CRM covers all areas of customer relations through computer technology, including customer service. It may be hard to imagine how computers can affect this most important part of CRM. But OpenBOX Technologies' software supports this essential service with its customer service programs, Customer Service and IT Help Desk.

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These customer service programs are designed to fit the way your company works. They can be configured to include the exact steps you currently use in taking care of customer service requests and to track each step through the ticket number assigned to the request. This puts the history of a transaction all in one place, ready to be accessed at any point. Ticket trails can be tracked and audited as necessary. You can also connect the transaction with your own business process rules to make sure that the service is properly done.

Make Contact with Customer Service Programs

A program can send "smart" e-mails to the service rep, manager, customer, and anyone else tagged with that ticket number. Multi-channel contact allows real-time interaction by voice or messaging. The customer can even get answers to essential questions by searching self-service knowledge base on the Internet.

Computers are changing the way business is done every day. Make sure you choose technology that genuinely improves your service. OpenBOX Technologies' customer service programs are not only technologically advanced, but they're also practical in the getting the job done and producing that greatest of all business assets: satisfied customers. Look into the possibilities for your business by browsing the full range of OpenBOX products, watching a demo, or signing up for a free trial.

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