Customer Service Database

The way to excellent customer service is though accurate tracking, frequent updates, and good record-keeping. In other words, data, data, data. In the past, harried service representatives found themselves buried in paperwork for every request they processed. With OpenBOX Technologies CRM customer service database software, those days are gone. Now you can provide every customer with fast, comprehensive service, without the frustration of filling or out yet another form or addressing another letter. Centralization of all data and smooth interfacing among all departments makes it happen.

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The first part of the customer service process is our self-service web portal knowledge database. This enables customers to take advantage of solutions to common problems without going through the assigned representative. An FAQ center and robust search capabilities allow customers to find answers on their own and implement them with the extensive CRM software features. The database is updated as staff members enter new solutions that they have used. All requests are monitored and live aid is available at every juncture.

Personalized Communication from the Customer Service Database

Customers want assurance that you are working for them through regular communications. The customer service database connection with MS Outlook provides personalized, automatic updates on service requests, event-triggered notification, and routine follow-up. Intercommunication between customer service and other CRM departments means quick integration of facts and rapid resolution of issues. Paperless tracking and management speeds the process along still further.

OpenBOX Technologies wants to give you a reputation for the best in customer service. The unmatched efficiency of database-centered processing can make it so. Continue browsing our website to see our full range of products and to learn more about how a customer service database can be applied to your business.

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