Customer Service Automation

At first "customer service automation" sounds like an oxymoron. It seems impossible to do the work of a customer sales representative with a machine. Actually, that is the point. The real work, dealing with customers' questions, can only be done by a person. But the paperwork, tracking, and research are easily automated. OpenBOX Technologies' customer service software modules provide automation for the processing so that employees can concentrate on the real task, which is dealing with people.

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Automation covers a wide variety of customer service procedures. As soon as a request comes in, it is ticketed and assigned for easy tracking. A simple database search gives the representative needed information about warranties, prices, and special offers, while forms auto populate with the customer's saved contact information. A self-service web portal gives the customer the opportunity to search an extensive knowledge base for the answers to important questions. Automated e-mails update the customer periodically and give notice of status changes as requests go through the standardized process.

Customer Service Automation for Paperless Paperwork

Customer service automation provides follow-up procedures based on ticket numbers. Time/cost tracking gives you a summary of all expenditures and calculates ROI. Check on the status at any time to find out how far along in the process each request has come. Reports and analysis take information from other modules in the CRM system and configure them according to your direction.

There is no doubt that customer service automation can save your business time and money. Contact OpenBOX to learn about server options (web hosting or in-house installation) and software packages. Get your customer service representatives back to the customers.

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