Customer Service Applications

Customer service is at the heart of any business. However, serving your clients well can be costly in both time and money. Enter CRM customer service applications. These programs systematize the process in a way that saves resources and pleases the customer, too. OpenBOX Technologies maintains two such programs, Customer Service and IT Help Desk.

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Ticket assignment, automatic e-mail response, and access to an extensive knowledge bank are a few of the ways its customer service applications speed up and simplify the processing of customer service requests. The customer can locate answers to questions on the Web with FAQs and a searchable database. The assigned service representative has "one stop shopping," a single location where all activity can be tracked, as well as interface with other CRM modules. A separate section deals with warranty and contract issues. You can even see your savings of time and money with time/cost tracking.

Other Uses for Customer Service Applications

The program's administration tools can create tables and forms, interface with and import external web pages, and more. Security operates on multi-level settings that can be set at the group, user, form, field, record, and command levels. No browser alteration is necessary. You can also use it with Sales Force Automation or any of the OpenBOX Technologies management software.

Any of the customer service applications can be configured to the way your company works. OpenBOX Technologies will customize online request forms, reports, and tracking tools to your processing system, while increasing its productivity and reducing costs. Choose hosting or turnkey access and see full deployment in a matter of days. For more details, please contact a customer service representative.

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