Customer Order Management

You might be able to do without an automated customer order management system. When a customer wants to know where in the process his order is, he can call a customer service number, wade through an endless menu, then sit on hold until someone comes on the line to tell him he has to call another number. He won't be happy, though.

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With OpenBOX Order Management 9.0, on the other hand, he can simply log on, enter his password and see for himself where his order is. This automated web-based software, an add-on module that can be integrated with your CRM system or whatever application you are using, will save the customer frustration and save you time and money. Easy to use and infinitely flexible, OpenBOX Order Management will serve your needs no matter what type of enterprise you may have.

Customer Order Management Software Automates Tracking

When you use a fully automated, web-based system such as OpenBOX Order Management, you have a seamless, consistent business process in place. Customers and reps can place orders from anywhere there is internet access, and get status reports in real time at any stage of the process. The automated system makes the process error-free as well.

Call today for a free trial and see what OpenBOX Order Management can do for you. Fully customizable and designed to grow with your business, our software will make your life a whole lot easier. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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