Customer Management Database

One of the most useful features of OpenBOX Technologies' CRM software is access to a centralized customer management database. You get the information you want quickly and in an organized form. This means consolidation of multiple databases and an end to redundancy, long searches for "hidden" data, and cumbersome paperwork.

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Single-click search capabilities save support staff time and hassle as they seek service solutions. They can also enter new solutions for others to reference. Service representatives can multi-task with ease by leaving unlimited windows open on the dashboard to take care of a number of issues at once. Sales representatives can manage contacts, leads, processing and closing records, and follow-up. Management can track the progress of campaigns and projects and find or change data on outside partners and vendors. Customers can find answers by themselves in the knowledge database. Robust query engines find data rapidly and accurately.

Select Customer Management Database Settings

Decide who will see what data by working out default settings, templates, and access levels that suit your hierarchy. Full integration of all OpenBOX Technologies CRM applications and strong import/export capabilities permit almost limitless combinations of customer management data. Real-time updates keep your team current on sales, project, and services issues.

All database functions are fully integrated with other OpenBOX Technologies software, MS Outlook communications, and other related programs. The Business Suite package is linked for a full enterprise solution. From more information on how you can merge your database tools, contact OpenBOX and request your free trial.

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