Customer Database Software

Every business employee knows the frustration of seeking the same data over and over each time from a different source or database. OpenBOX Technologies' customer database software eliminates that frustration by supporting a centralized database and levels of access that make sure all relevant information is available to those who need it. All customer interactions, sales and service histories, and ordering process data come from a central, integrated point. Finding, tracking, and analyzing information has never been easier.

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Customer database software also improves communication. Automatic e-mail technology sends out personalized messages to first contact prospects. Newsletters, sales promotions, and other stay-in-touch measures go to regular customers. All communications can be tracked and monitored in the database.

Separate or Combine Data with Customer Database Software

Use customer database software to track money issues, such as total revenues from a single customer, calculation of customer values, and more, with CRM software. Keep current on any and all contact information, distribution data, and customer response. Manage multiple lists. Put a single client on more than one list. Match reports, RMAs, and other data to a single sale or service request, or compare the numbers to each other with graphs and charts. This software can do it all.

You can track, single out or combine any piece of data you enter. Large businesses can consolidate their entire operations under the umbrella of OpenBOX Technologies' Business Suite Enterprise software. To obtain a free trial, contact OpenBOX today.

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