Customer Database Programs

Finding customer information quickly is vital to the running of your business. You need easy-to-use database software that streamlines the search process. OpenBOX Technologies specializes in custom solutions that are simple and intuitive. CRM customer database programs bring order and versatility to your company's information processing needs.

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Your staff can put all their information into a single database and retrieve it selectively with our robust search engine. Every department can access not only its own data, such as sales records, but also relevant data from other areas, such as contact lists, ordering, and customer service information. Our flexible programs can be geared to the size of your business, the amount of traffic you deal with, and the work processes you use. You can automate reporting and sorting of lists with the option of manual intervention.

Self-Service Customer Database Programs

Customer database programs are also available directly to the client. Questions can be directed to the knowledge database, an extensive clearing house for answers to questions, solutions to customer service issues, and technical queries. Here, the customer find guidance on a wide range of issues. Continuous updating by service representatives keeps this tool sharp. All data can be tracked and monitored over time to insure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our database programs are part of an array of CRM software products. Take a look at our product information and view a demo of how they work. Contact us for a free trial and to find out how our database technology can help you.

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