Customer Contact Database

Your contact data is golden: prized customers, dynamite leads, and all the information about who buys what when. But names and addresses are here, sales records are there, and customer service data is elsewhere. OpenBOX Technologies CRM customer contact database lets you access all the information you need from one place with a single search engine. This search engine not only covers contacts, but also interfaces with sales, service, and other departments. If you like the sound of that, then a customer contact database is for you.

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The main purpose for which you use your contact list is to communicate information about your products. You may want to notify your valued customers when a new product is coming out, when their orders have been shipped, or about the status of their customer service requests. Customer contact database software does all this automatically. Program it to send out newsletters, reminders, follows-ups, and more.

Use Client Information from the Customer Contact Database

The database is equally proficient at giving you information about your clients. Divide the list by what a company orders, how much, how often, or any other configuration you need. Include the same names on different lists. Organize all correspondence and contracts without a file cabinet. Find the complete history of any client, bring up any details you need, and share what you find with the representatives in charge of that firm.

Using the CMR customer contact database shows the value you place on customer relations. We invite you to look at over our product list and contact us for more information. Once you take advantage of our free trial offer, we're sure you'll want to implement a customer contact database right away.

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