"We have several different databases - MS SQL, Oracle, and even DB2. OpenBOX enabled my staff to build new solutions without any extensive programming, and we didn't have to move any data."

What is OpenBOX CRM

OpenBOX CRM v9.0 software helps streamline and centralize business information, enabling companies to operate more efficiently and profitably. Available in SaaS or turnkey options, OpenBOX CRM contains Sales Force Automation, Service & Support, and Marketing Campaign Management. Additional modules including Order Management, Project Management and a Partner Management portal are also available for a complete enterprise-wide solution.

OpenBOX solutions help companies automate business processes, improve customer interaction and ensure accountability with the focus on maintaining one consistent view of customers for better service and repeat business.

Using the Open Business Object exchange model, which maps a company's business processes to our technology, OpenBOX is a scalable, easy to use open architecture solution. The OpenBOX integration framework leverages middleware components, third-party adapters and web services to provide a standards-based approach that can significantly decrease the time and effort needed to integrate CRM with enterprise applications and data both within and across business boundaries.

OpenBOX v9.0 architecture is based on Microsoft's .NET framework and utilizes AJAX and XML technologies. OpenBOX provides exceptionally low total cost of ownership across the complete CRM lifecycle, delivering a sensible set of commonly needed out-of-the-box features while enabling businesses to quickly customize, integrate and deploy a solution to match both their current and future needs.

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