CRM Tools

As CRM becomes a bigger part of the business world, more and more owners and entrepreneurs want to try it. But they may still be uncertain how CRM can benefit them. Knowing what CRM tools will do your company the most good is vital to getting maximum use from the software. Here at OpenBOX Technologies, we work with you to determine the CRM tools that will be most useful to you.

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Managing data is one of the primary functions of a CRM program. CRM solutions are equipped with management tools for every aspect of doing business. Our sales package features depositories for data and numerous ways to retrieve and organize it, from tracking a single sales transaction and sorting contact lists to quotes and invoices. Other applications provide data-management methods appropriate to campaigns, projects, ordering, and customer service.

CRM Tools Adapt and Integrate

In a rapidly changing environment, customization tools play an increasingly important role in CRM functions. We consider flexibility to be one of our greatest assets. We will configure our software to your methods and needs from the start, and as your business grows and changes, we will continue to adapt. Integration is another one of our specialties. Each of our CRM modules stands alone, but also interfaces with the rest of our business suite templates and with MS Outlook communications.

OpenBOX Technologies knows that every company needs its own set of CRM applications and tools. Find detailed descriptions of what we provide with each module by continuing to browse our website. Contact us for more information, or sign up for free trial.

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