CRM Systems

There are many aspects to CRM that make it look very complex. While it is true that CRM software is multi-faceted, most CRM systems break down into three parts: marketing, sales, and service. OpenBOX Technologies is no exception. Our marketing solutions include campaign and project management tools to keep any venture on track. Likewise, our famous Sales Force Automation organizes every part of your sales process, from people to reports. And our two customer service offerings, Customer Service and IT Help Desk, insure that no service request will be left behind.

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Still, no matter now many services are offered, CRM systems will not work without integration. All the separate parts must be accessible to each other for analysis and tracking. The "right hand" must know what the "left hand" is doing. All parts of the OpenBOX Technologies Business Suite function both individually and as a whole.

Communication and Security in CRM Systems

This leads to another necessary component of CRM systems: communication. Our CRM products are connected by MS Outlook, which provides automatic updates, "flagged" e-mails, and other capabilities. The system also includes a multi-tiered security system, which is accessible through user name and password.

All the parts of the OpenBOX CRM systems must work together and function properly if your business is to gain the efficiency and effectiveness they provide. Our customer support staff makes sure that you receive the full benefit of all the products we sell. To find out more, browse our business suite products, or contact us directly for free trial.

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