CRM Support

No matter how much you know about CRM, when you purchase a suite of CRM products, you want to know that you have support. OpenBOX Technologies backs up its products with helpful support and know-how. Its training, security, adaptability, and rapid deployment help your business to begin using its services quickly and confidently.

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As you browse the OpenBOX website, you will notice the Demo Center. Here, you will find a number of short tutorials ("viewlets") that show you how the CRM features, such as "dashboard" (desktop) and "gadgets" (quick-view windows), work. This is a sample of the CRM support training OpenBOX offers for users, administrators, and developers. The company wants all its product users to be comfortable with the software.

Fast, Versatile CRM Support

CRM support includes multi-level security settings offered with the OpenBOX Business Suite at the group, user, form, field, record, and command levels to insure that all your information will go where you want it to and nowhere else. Portals support SSL protocol. Businesses that choose OpenBOX Technologies also have the option of its custom reconfiguration. OpenBOX adapts its software to fit your business, not the other way around.

OpenBOX also leads the field in fast deployment. Once you decide to become an OpenBOX Technologies customer, the company doesn't want you to have to wait to enjoy the benefits of its service. Strong architecture means its software can be up and running in a matter of days. Take a look at the OpenBOX "Features" list, or contact customer service at any time for more information about CRM support.

Toll Free Phone: (877) 361-6536