CRM Solutions

In the world of CRM, everyone claims to have the best solutions. After awhile, they may all start to look alike. OpenBOX Technologies' CRM solutions are truly unique in their utility, effectiveness, and adaptability. OpenBOX is determined to serve individual business needs, rather than taking the "one size fits all" approach. A review of its solutions modules will show how you can easily adapt these modules into your business plan.

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Sales and service go hand-in-hand, and the OpenBOX CRM solutions reflect this. The Sales Force Automation, Order Management, Customer Service, and IT Help Desk modules work separately to build sales productivity and customer contentment. Other management applications augment campaigns, projects, and partner relations. These modules are designed on web-based, three-tier architecture, and integrate easily to share data, reports, and tracking information for the entire sales or management process, or for one or more individual steps in the workflow.

Adaptability in CRM Solutions

Full integration is only one of the features that makes OpenBOX Technologies' CRM solutions unusual. The company prides itself on the flexibility of its solutions for adapting to a specific business. It can configure any of its software modules to the way you do things. Analytical capabilities measure ROI, keep track of the budget, organize the data from reports into graphs and charts, and more.

OpenBOX offers you a choice of methods for using its CRM solutions, either with turnkey installation or web hosting. Find out more about its products and features by further browsing this website, or by watching a "viewlet" demonstration from the Demo Center.

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