CRM Software

More and more small-to-mid-sized businesses are discovering CRM software, which enables the entrepreneur to automate almost all aspects of customer relations. Thanks to CRM, keeping an eye on day-to-day commerce has never been easier. Efficient, practical software makes all the difference.

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Whether installed or obtained through hosting, CRM software falls into three categories: operational, the "nuts and bolts" applications for running the business; collaborative, which handles interaction systems; and analytic, the part that crunches the numbers and helps direct project and marketing decisions. OpenBOX Technologies employs these three types of software to improve the way businesses are run and how they interact with customers. Each of our products falls under one of these headings.

Examples of the Three Types of CRM Software

Operational CRM is carried out by defined support process and our automatic ticket assignment, which tags and follows every customer service request until it is resolved. Sales software also keeps track of the everyday operations of your business. Collaborative software makes it possible to have interactive web-based customer self-service, automatic communications such as status change notices, the multi-channel contact center, and the integration of Help Desk customer service with a wide database of information. Analytical software provides statistical analysis in customized configurations, time/cost tracking, and asset management options.

We can adapt CRM software to your business size, needs, and style and continue the adaptation as your company grows and changes. Multi-level security settings make sure that your information reaches only those you choose. To find out more, read the success stories sent by our customers, or visit the demo center for a practical demonstration of CRM software.

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