CRM Software Programs

CRM, the much-in-demand computerized customer relations system, takes a number of different forms, depending on the software programs you require. You may need the entire suite of programs covering sales, service, management, and IT. You can also pick and choose among the programs to find the ones that suit you best. OpenBOX Technologies provides a wide selection of CRM software programs.

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Pick out the management CRM software programs that best complement your business methods. Devise more effective campaigns with the help of the planning and marketing features of the Campaign Management program. Smooth out the ordering process with our fully automated Order Management software, complete with customized forms, and electronic confirmation. Project Management keeps track of assignments, goals, and budget within a project or across the board, and Partner Management systematizes your relationship to outside partners and vendors.

Select and Customize CRM Software Programs

Add sales and service modules to complete the selection of CRM software programs we offer. All are fully integrated with each other and with programs you already have, such as Excel or Access. We specialize in the customization of each program to your needs and business practices. And once you decide on the programs you want, our deployment is fast and efficient. In only a few days, you'll see for yourself what CRM software programs can do for you.

The website has plenty of information on how the programs work. Take some time to browse or view a demo. Then contact a customer service representative for the full story on how CRM software programs fit your business objectives.

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