CRM Software Applications

A CRM (Customer Relations Management) service is only as good as its software. Applications should be varied, practical, integrated and, simple to use. OpenBOX Technologies has created CRM Software Applications to meet these high standards.

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The OpenBOX CRM applications cover a variety of business needs. Sales Force Automation manages the overall requirements of your sales team, whether large or small. Select, organize, and communicate vital information to a single client, between representatives, or to your entire sales staff. The OpenBOX management products display the same versatility in handling orders, campaigns, projects, and in dealing with outside partners and vendors. Its customer service applications are unmatched in their abilities to solve problems, answer questions, and expedite help.

CRM Software Applications Get Real

To increase your company's efficiency, however, CRM software applications must be geared to the real, everyday workings of a business. This is where OpenBOX shines. Its applications are designed specifically for practical business situations. Its products address the hands-on issues of business, from workflow and sales follow-up to reports and performance review. In addition, its system is fully integrated within itself and to outside sources, such as Oracle and SQL accounting programs. As a result, you can combine any set of data with any other, engage our analytic tools, and come up the exact comparison you want.

The CRM applications are made to fit the system your business already uses. Your employees will find them simple to learn and use in their daily jobs. OpenBOX CRM Software Applications will not sit idly in your office. To see what OpenBOX can do for you, contact a customer service representative today and sign up for a free trial.

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