CRM Products

All CRM Products offered by OpenBOX Technologies are designed to simplify your record-keeping and management so that you have more time to build your business. Our Sales Force Automation system streamlines all your information so that you can access, change, or combine any set of figures or reports you want. Track the progress of a single sales rep or the figures for an entire year with a touch of a button.

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Among our CRM Products, we are especially proud of our Help Desk customer service structure. With MS Outlook-integrated communications, your customers can get immediate answers from an automated database with individual follow-up. The Order Management System lets you see the progress of any order, from purchase to invoice, in real-time statistics.

Boost Your Management Efficiency with CRM Products

Understanding your marketing activity is vital to the decisions you make about your company's goals and direction. Marketing Campaign Management follows every detail in the life of a campaign. It even calculates your ROI (Return On Investment). Project Management allows you figure costs, choose wise allocation of resources, and prioritize tasks. Partner Management helps you take charge of outside business relationships with investors, resellers, vendors, and others.

Keep in mind that all of our CRM Products can be customized to the way you do business. You can add the steps you want to use in making sales, planning projects, and promoting products to keep detailed track of the time and manpower you are using and how fast you accomplishing your goals. Please browse our website for more information, video demonstrations, or a free trial.

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