CRM Integrations

No CRM system is complete without a good interface platform, which is a way to combine data from more than one source into a seamless whole. OpenBOX Technologies uses the COM (Component Object Model) platform for CRM integrations. COM connects business objects (the sections within the CRM structure) with each other and with outside databases. The web-based three-tier architecture delineates the data layer from the user interface and business logic so that COM can interface to its object model. This facilitates integration with other applications in CRM.

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COM CRM integrations connect the business objects represented by the "dashboard" tabs to MS Outlook for organizing tools, e-mail, and import/export capabilities. They also permit interface with exception management and with SQL accounting programs such as MS Dynamics GP (formerly MS Great Plains), MAS 200, MAS 500, and Macola. A library of product literature, templates, contracts, quotes, and promotions is also made available though COM integration.

Making Use of CRM Integrations

CRM integrations also let you configure the information you amass in any one of a number of ways. Compare sales figures for different periods of time or for different products. Set up query and report forms to give you results in the form of a chart or a graph.

Proper integration of applications--both in-house and from outside--is essential for staying on top of your business plan. OpenBOX Technologies provides numerous sources of information and brings them to your virtual doorstep through CRM integration. To find out more, feel free to further browse this website for product information, or schedule a free trial to see how OpenBOX Technologies can serve your business.

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