CRM Automation

CRM changes business. Properly used, it speeds up and compacts everyday processes and saves time, money, and effort. The products provided by OpenBOX Technologies give you the edge on CRM automation in every part of customer relations, from sales and service to management. Whatever your workflow procedure, CRM technology can make it more powerful.

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The key to good management is knowing how every part of a project, campaign, or sales effort is progressing. CRM automation software keeps track of all these areas for you. Sales force automation centralizes sales quotes, lead management, individual and team statistics, and all forms and reports. The Customer Service application answers questions and solves problems automatically online. Fully automated order management relieves staff of the burden of endless calculations and write-ups, while campaign and project tools track time, budget, and projected results.

Keep Everyone in the Loop with CRM Automation

CRM automation communications maintain B2B, B2C, and interoffice contacts. MS Outlook supports automatic replies, alerts, and notifications, which can be set up in advance. Complete integration among all applications means that managers can keep tabs on dropped sales, the progress of product development, and customer concerns all at once and at any time. No aspect of the business is ever left untended once your CRM software is installed.

CRM also integrates your business rules into all work processes. Employees always know when they are doing their jobs right and can correct mistakes immediately, rather than when a supervisor finally gets time to review their work. The OpenBOX CRM software gives your business the competitive advantage.

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