CRM Applications

CRM (Customer Relations Management) is making quite a splash in the computerized business world. You can track sales, orders, marketing campaigns, and customer service issues with the click of a mouse. But a CRM system is not much good without usable applications. OpenBOX Technologies provides a wide choice of current, easy-to-use applications that can be tailored to your business plan.

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If sales are important to you, you'll want to look over Sales Force Automation (part of our v9.0 suite of services). Completely integrated within itself and with MS Outlook, SFA keeps track of every aspect of sales from lead management and team work to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. SFA and Order Management are both CRM applications designed to keep your sales force at top efficiency. Configure them to track your workflow system so that every point in the sales process is available for analysis.

Flexibility in CRM Applications

Campaign and Project Management are two more applications that can give your business the advantage of better organization. Implement planning, automatic event-triggered actions, ROI measurement, and documentation for auditing. Set up your applications to communicate with each other, and to give you access to all aspects of a particular product, project, or campaign in the most convenient form.

Flexibility is the hallmark of OpenBOX Technologies services. We can configure any or all of our applications to your way of doing business. Forms, queries, and reports can all reflect the way you coordinate the various facets of your company. For more information, browse the "Products" section or watch a "viewlet" demonstration of how our CRM applications work.

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