OpenBOX Solutions

Jeff Swider, President

“The OpenBOX Sales Force Automation and Order Management System has streamlined and organized my business information for one consistent view of customers. My organization operates more efficiently allowing more time to focus on satisfying customer needs.”

Sales Force Automation | Order Management

Needs Assessment

  • Method for tracking quotes
  • Automated process to move quotes into work orders
  • Method to track prospects and customer contract expiration dates and automatically notify sales reps
  • Quick method to mine the database and determine what product is sold to which customers
  • Method to allow sales reps and customers to see order status on-line
  • Ability to open a trouble ticket on a specific order and automatically escalate the order if resolution is too long

OpenBOX Solution

A contact and order management system that creates and tracks all orders and links them to customer contact including the following functionality:

  • Create and assign activities, which others can access if necessary
  • Generate automatic notifications of contract expiration dates for proactive follow-up
  • Provides work order status change, which translates a quote into an order and automatically populates additional fields required by the order management team
  • Web-based portal where sales reps and customers can log in to check order status or other information
  • Querying and reporting capabilities for prospecting, forecasting and follow-up
  • Integration with commission management software


  • Vision Telecom now has a consistent, single view of customer information, which has eliminated redundancy, duplication of effort, and lost data
  • Automatic notifications, order status views, and querying/reporting capabilities have optimized use of sales reps’ time so they can focus on selling instead of administrative tasks
  • Management can create queries and reports on the fly for identifying new opportunities, forecasting and customer trends
  • Well-organized, updated, accessible information has eliminated the need for additional support or administrative staff
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