OpenBOX Solutions

George T. Panichas, Jr. Principal

“With the OpenBOX order management system we have increased our order capacity by 300% without having to hire additional in-house staff.”

Order Management

Customer Identified Need

  • Customers need real-time access to order status in our system
  • Remote sales people currently have to make phone calls to get order status
  • Order volume has increased to a point where we have to add additional employees
  • We need to automate our workflow to ensure orders don’t fall through the cracks
  • We need a system that simplifies the order process, which is currently very inefficient for the average customer service agent
  • Vendors need to receive orders automatically via web, fax, e-mail or wireless technology
  • The solution needs to integrate with current accounting application

OpenBOX Solution

An Order Management System with a secure, web-based front end containing the following functionality:

  • Customer service agents and management can track orders from anywhere via the web
  • Institutional customers can place and check real-time status of orders
  • Agents and vendors can log in to see assigned work
  • Customized workflow to meet customer service help desk requirements
  • Attachments option for photos, customer correspondence and faxes to be linked to the individual orders
  • Completed orders are automatically reviewed and then accepted or rejected by management
  • Customer is automatically updated with the status and final documentation


  • Increased efficiency has enabled Lincoln Appraisal to focus on its strategic objectives, becoming one of the nation’s top residential appraisal companies.
  • The OpenBOX Order Management System is able to accommodate increasing volume of orders per month.
  • Fully automated system is able to keep Lincoln Appraisal’s overhead costs at a minimum.
  • Integration with financial software provides a complete, closed-loop business process from order to invoice.
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